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Installing & Repairing Heat Pumps in the Sacramento Area

The heat pumps used to warm homes in the winter and cool them in the summer present a few different types of concerns than other standard HVAC systems. When you need heat pump repair, maintenance and installation for your Sacramento home, Heald Mechanical should be your first choice. There are several good reasons to consider upgrading to this type of residential heat and cooling system:

  • They have the potential to reduce costs to as little as a quarter of what you are used to paying to maintain a consistent temperature in your home.
  • Geothermal units are friendlier to the environment than other HVAC systems.
  • With less work for your results, the wear and tear on the machines is minimized, prolonging their life expectancy.
  • Some systems heat water in addition to regulating the temperature in your house.
  • A heat pump can be used in cooperation with an existing system.

These devices move heat from one location to another, either by pulling heat from indoors and outdoors or by using the Earth’s geothermal systems. The pump is made up of a compressor, copper tubing coils, aluminum fins and specialized pipes. Our technicians can provide you with the pros and cons of each system as you consider the best pump for your heating and cooling needs. Is your existing system giving you trouble? Our technicians will respond promptly to all of your heat pump installation and replacement needs. ​

Call Us When You Need Help Upgrading & Maintaining Your System

The costs related to keeping your family comfortable during high and low temperatures can be difficult to bear. Call us to learn more about this efficient, cost-effective solution. Our number is 916-972-7276. Our HVAC company also provides air conditioning repair services to the communities in and around Sacramento.

Installing & Repairing Heat Pumps in the Sacramento Area