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The Heald Family

The Heald Family

Early 1800s: Building and mechanical trade services were originally established in New England area (Massachusetts and Maine).

1891: Samuel and Thomas Heald, plumbing sanitation contractors, leave the New England area for mechanical contracting in Seattle, Washington.

1910: Samuel Heald with wife and sons move to San Francisco, California, for tradesmen work.

1920: Sam Heald and three of five sons move to Southern California, opening Sam Heald company in Long Beach. His sons, Roger, Richard and Jerry (second-generation), became equal partners in plumbing, heating, cooling and general contracting businesses throughout greater Los Angeles and Orange counties.

1921-1930: Became major organizers and contributors in creating western building codes for nine western states in the U.S.

1929: Heald family company helps create California State Contractors Board.

1963: Jerry Thomas Heald (third-generation) bought out all Sam Heald and father’s mechanical trade businesses. Changed company name to Heald and Sons.

1970: J. Thomas Heald moved his family and businesses to northern California, serving Sacramento and surrounding counties. Father and son (Gregory D. Heald, fourth-generation) began providing plumbing, heating and cooling services to the greater Sacramento area.

1995: Greg Heald established Heald Mechanical (HVAC division), providing a full line of mechanical services in repair, replacement and maintenance. Greg’s sons, Andrew and Douglas (fifth-generation) continue the family tradition working with the company.

2010: The Heald family proudly celebrates its 100 years of service to the residents of California.

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